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My underwater photography is shot at depths ranging from 15 feet to 100 feet, at various dive sites in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Indonesia. I've been a scuba diver most of my life, and was fascinated with the bubble patterns coming from diver's regulators when underwater. I noticed the way the light would seem to create unique shapes and textures and how each bubble formation only lasted a second before it was gone, morphing into something new; an irresistible "outer space," quality that I eventually became obsessed with photographing.

My process after taking the underwater image, is to layer color on it in post, at which point the images take on an entirely new identity.. For me, they represent our inner world, and how rapidly our emotions can shift and transform, yet each have relevance and meaning even if fleeting.

I don't title the photos as I want the viewer to have their own experience of the image, without a title leading them down a certain road. Instead, each photo has the longitude and latitude coordinates of where it was shot in the bottom right hand corner, to simply mark that moment with purposeful neutrality.